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This book includes 3 manuscripts: Bitcoin: What You Need To Know About The Cryptocurrency (Amazon Best Seller) Ethereum: What You Need To Know About The Blockchain-Based Platform Blockchain: How Technologies Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money and Business Regardless of how much you know about the Cryptocurrency phenomenon or whether you are a total newbie, this book will explain the concepts assuming no prior knowledge and will give you everything you need to know.
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“This is a great book for people starting to dip their toes in crypto currency. It goes over all the general area as far as the history of bitcoin and the potential financial investment it has. A very informational and interesting read.”
“Very informing book! I had heard about bitcoin earlier, but had never understood why it had such a fan following. I wanted to know more about cryptocurrency, so bought this book. The author has done an excellent job in describing what bitcoin and cryptocurrency are all about. The author discussed extensively on the advantages and limitations of cryptocurrencies, how and where one can buy them, what to keep in mind while buying them and what are the pitfalls one should avoid while trading. Worth reading guide!”

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Ethereum and Vitalik are leading the cryptocurrency revolution

To paraphrase Warren Buffet. Know your shit and bet big when you find a winner. (or don't research and buy an S&P 500 ETF)
The more I study the cryptocurrency space, the more I see Ethereum leading big on all metrics.
The ultimate judge of success will be measuring how many successful companies are able to add value by using the Ethereum blockchain platform.

Have you seen any other platform with a list like this?
Will any of these be successful? storj, gnosis/augur, tenx, golem, bancor
If so, that is not only great for them, but great for Ethereum. Ethereum is kind of like buying a fund of all these blockchain start ups.
you can see further how Ethereum has many more transactions than all the other coins here.

ICO's are not a successful busines and I am not counting those. I don't see any other platform catching Ethereum, but if one is catching up, we will see it coming.

Ethereum also has the ultimate cyrpto rock star - Vitalik buterin. he is a genius who is open and traveling around the world and working with everyone.

When it comes to scaling, Ethereum is moving fast. Recently with the introduction of plasma, raiden, and more. Their speed may increase by 100x in a year. You can't compare this to platforms like Quantum or EOS that haven't even launched yet.

Not only is Ethereum moving to Proof of Stake, I would not be surprised if they develop one of the best algorithms to run. Also, I am sure it will be a trustless distributed system. IOTA claims to be fast and have a unique system, but it isn't trustless and Vitalik questions whether we can really trust EOS POS solution.

Regarding languages, not only does Ethereum have the oldest and best language designed soley for writing smart contracts, Solidity. They are probably the leader in offering many other language options. Lisk is often praised for offering javascript. If they have something Ethereum does not, I am sure Ethereum can copy that. But it seems Ethereum has a lot going on with javascript already.

Regarding developers, in addition to Vitalik, Ethereum has an amazing team working on the network. Joseph poon is clearly a rockstar having already development many important systems such as the lightning network, plasma, and Casper the up and coming proof of stake solution for Ethereum. And check out all the activity on their github. I don't think any company can compare.

Ethereum also offers a safe, simple, trustless way to store your coins directly on the blockchain through myetherwallet.com

Despite Ethereum being the leader with a bright future, there are risks.
-the price could be too high
-An overall market plunge could take Ethereum down with it.
-or the great companies building on the Ethereum platform may take much longer to deliver value to customers..

Good Luck and let me know your thoughts